Menasha Corporation‘s customer support team thrives on accuracy, speed and happiness. When you are part of the team, we are in it together — whether you’re answering calls, filling orders or training on the latest technology. Every day, you’re helping someone. And when they return to do business with the company, you are a big reason for that success.

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Life at Menasha Companies
Get a feel for what it's like to work at our locations through the eyes of people who work here.

Interview guide

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Find out more about Menasha's interviewing process and how to prepare.

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We're family owned

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168 years of of innovation, opportunities and success rooted in family values.

We value you

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Menasha Corporation was named one of America's Healthy Workplaces by the Wellness Council of America.

Our promise to society

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Menasha Corporation Foundation gave more than $1.5 million to organizations and causes all over the country.

Environmental responsibility is a priority

open quote We are pleased with meaningful reductions in water usage and CO2 emissions. Long-term environmental impact is considered in every action and new initiative.
Jim Kotek, president and CEO, Menasha Corporation
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Our Benefits. Our Culture.


You and your family are important to us. Our wellness program is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of employees and their family members. Our individual health coaching, annual risk assessments, wellness events and reimbursements give you a chance to join in — and even prosper from — some of our healthy competitions.


We offer several comprehensive plans and support you can choose from to care for your physical and mental health. From an Employee Assistance Program to medical, dental, prescription drug, vision, disability and life, we want you to feel confident in your health plan.

Learning & growth

Employee creativity, knowledge and leadership are critical to company success. That’s why we are committed to offering diverse learning resources that help employees grow. We provide access to online development tools that are mobile and available 24 hours per day; internal training opportunities and reimbursements for pursuing higher education; and a best-in-class performance management system to set goals and manage online personal profiles.

Employee engagement

Our employees enjoy their work and find meaning in it. We want them to feel an even greater sense of achievement, so we believe it’s important to recognize them when they succeed. We value employee engagement, and actively measure and work to improve it at all locations and levels of the organization.


Our workforce reflects Menasha Corporation’s longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. We truly believe our people are the power behind possible and that our strength comes from the unique perspectives and experiences of every individual. We value diversity and work hard to be a welcoming and rewarding workplace for people of all backgrounds.

401(k) Plan

Menasha Corporation offers a competitive 401(k) retirement plan. After six months of employment, employees who are deferring 5% can receive a company match of 4% (may not be applicable to all union locations).